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about2Heartstrings Photography represents the creative adventures of Jennifer Van de Vooren. I am honoured to take pictures of your family because these are fleeting moments of childhood.

I am a Mom of two young boys and I know how quickly time passes. I am the most sentimental person around and when I’m shooting portraits (and weddings) I often hide behind my camera because I have a tear in my eye. I live with my heart and feel everything. I know what you want to save because I want it too. It’s to stop time, just for a moment, to keep my kids perfectly safe and happy. To capture the innocence and love for life and joy that is only experienced when you are young and wish you had when you grow up. I know. I want that too. I take pictures of my boys because they won’t stay this little forever. I can do the same for your family and save the moments that make your family real. All the quirky little smiles and funny faces. They need to be captured. I get it.